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Working With A Burdened Heart

How do you work when your heart is elsewhere? Jerry reminds us how to access our resources when we have to get work done. read on

End Of Life Presentation

This End Of Life video presentation is created for faith leaders to start the conversation. Let's help our people start talking about end-of-life issues and make decisions! read on

You Are Stronger Than You Think

Recently I tried kayaking for the first time. Maybe it wasn't the smartest way to start kayaking, but I paddled with my sons over 4.5 miles to a campsite in the Sam Houston National Forest. We had to make it across the wide and busy part of Lake Conroe. By sunset. Did I mention it was our first time? And that we left after 6pm? read on

Jerry’s ePortfolio

Dye & Garman Assignment

Reading this book and completing the reflection exercise based on it, was the most impactful thing to date in my MBA program.  Here’s why. read on

Go! Life Infomercial Podcast

SUMMARY: MGMT 5133 Infomercial effort of our virtual team. Package four odd products & services and sell a credible way within a five minute radio-style infomercial. read on

Hummer 2 Crashes through water - H2 Whoa!

Marketing Concept – Hummer H2

My creativity helps a company express the emotional and informational concepts about their products or services. This is a concept for a marketing campaign for the Hummer H2. read on

Newsletter-Capital Campaign

I wrote and designed this newsletter to MARKET a new vision and stewardship emphasis for my local church.. read on

Click to see this eNewsletter live as an HTML document.


This is the design I created for the weekly eNewsletter that our church sends out to over 400 people.  It is created using an free online tool to make creation (with rich features) and distribution very easy. read on

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Podcast Work

Fishers has been sending an iTunes-compatible podcast out since 2010 using our WordPress website and easily accessible editing tools. read on


Here are five samples of presentations I have created, and showing ways I have distributed them. read on

Press Release Sample

Here is a press release created to share about a community engagement effort at a local Lutheran Church. read on

Social Media-Facebook

I have been posting on Facebook since 2009. Here are some recent FB posts as samples. read on

Social Media-Tweeting

Here are samples of my tweets read on

Video-Capital Campaign

I wrote, directed and produced this Capital Campaign video.  I worked extensively with a videographer to edit and tell the story of Good Shepherd; inviting members to engage in writing a bright, future chapter. read on

Video-Teaching By Jerry McNamara

In 2012 I created a teaching series that involved four additional video teachings (three segments per lesson) for small groups to go deeper into the same focus as weekly sermons.   Here’s one of the twelve videos as a sample. read on

Website Design-Fishers Of Men Lutheran Church

I designed this html5 responsive website for my current church; transferring content, birthing an iTunes-compatible podcast, empowering staff and leaders to post and update their own content, yet maintaining uniform quality. read on


Website Design-Joyful Noise Music Studio

I designed this website for my wife’s piano lesson business; setting her up with a quality site that has a mobile option, Google Maps integration, and is very SEO-friendly.   read on

MBA Learnings & Reflections

Hummer 2 Crashes through water - H2 Whoa!

MKTG 5031 – Marketing Management

MKTG 5031- "Marketing Management." I appreciated the processes of marketing; the logically approach to a work that can often seems like an art more than a science. I am better equipped to help all organizations market themselves. read on

ACCT 5031 – Accounting Concepts For Managers

ACCT 5031 - "Accounting Concepts For Managers." A challenging course that taught me what I am already "good enough" at in the area of accounting, and what is likely to be an area I entrust to others who enjoy accounting more than I do. read on

HADM – 5032 Foundations of Healthcare Delivery

HADM 5032 - "Foundations Of Healthcare Delivery." Overview of the health services delivery system in the United States and Jerry gains exposure to some of the best leadership resources yet in his MBA program! read on

ECON 5031 – Principles of Economics

ECON 5031 - Principles of Economics. Jerry shares how this course helped him come to a greater appreciation the work of economists. read on

MGMT 5133 – Teamwork and Leadership Skills

MGMT 5133 - "Teamwork and Leadership Skills: Theory in Practice." A wonderful first course for Jerry and one that started momentum going toward new thinking and new action. read on

MGMT 5032 – Human Behavior in Organizations

MGMT 5032 - "Human Behavior in Organizations." Jerry shares the eye-opening awareness this course brought to him about his 25 years in non-profits, and what he is changing in his career plans going forward. read on

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