ECON 5031

Principles of Economics

Professor Robert F. Hodgin, Ph.D.



Essentially this was a self-taught course.  I read the weekly assignments and took two exams.  To briefly summarize we covered

  • analyzing and applying the economic way of thinking about price determination, cost, revenue and profit relationships in market contexts
  • analyzing and applying the economic way of thinking to money and banking, fiscal and monetary policies, the macro model and international trade
  • knowledge of basic economic concepts related to selected social issues to demonstrate understanding of decision-making trade-offs in microeconomic and macroeconomic settings.


I came to a greater appreciation the work of economists.  While I understand why I needed exposure to this material and the theories of economics (especially a deeper understanding of supply and demand), I also came out of the course with a clearer conviction that I was not energized by the detail-oriented aspects of economics.