Recently I tried kayaking for the first time. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest way to start kayaking, but I paddled with my sons over 4.5 miles to a campsite in the Sam Houston National Forest. We had to make it across the wide and busy part of Lake Conroe. By sunset.

Did I mention it was our first time? And that we left after 6pm? And we would have to paddle back the same miles rain or shine?

We arrived in time to see a beautiful sunset before setting up camp. We also arrived at a discovery for three novices (including one overweight fifty-something): we were stronger than we thought.

You are, too. If you can read this

You likely have all kinds of limitations and excuses and fears, but you are stronger that you think.  Think stronger and try that new thing or re-try that old, failed goal.


My app calls this a “Saturday walk” but I am not Jesus. This was our return 4.69 mile kayak trip from Cagle.

Maybe you need a deadline to create the urgency that helps you dip into that deeper strength.  Ever heard of the guy in sales who would drink six glasses of water and then wouldn’t let himself go to the bathroom until completed 2 dozen calls?  Yeah, well, Pee-Wee eventually gotten better at his confidence and his sales calls.  He just had to convince himself he was stronger than he realized

Think of how much harder it will get to start and to finish if you don’t try out your strength now.  Think of how much you might miss if you never push yourself just a little. Like our return trip.   Filled with such confidence from our newly-discovered strength we shaved almost 45 minutes off our time.

Don’t miss your beautiful sunset or the beautiful discovery that comes when you try.

You are stronger than you think.

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