In 2012 I created a teaching series that involved four additional video teachings (three segments per lesson) for small groups to go deeper into the same focus as weekly sermons.   Here’s one of the twelve videos as a sample.

The original videos were shot using a DSLR camera (720p HD), and edited in Apple’s iMovie.  The videos were duplicated onto DVDs and streamed from our website (after being uploaded to This was all done “in-house” on a zero budget.  

click to see live

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Part of the strategy of this teaching series was to use color as a memory aid for the four segments.

I learned a lot from this process–especially the value of placing cue cards!  While not having much “polish” this project showed that even small organizations can use today’s technology in ways that are effective and impactful in our mission of sharing Christ and changing lives.

All the videos, the PDF study guides and some sermon audio is still available at our website, Google Analytics helps us note that these videos are still being viewed today.