ACCT 5031

Accounting Concepts For Managers

Professor Hui Du, Ph.D.



For students with no previous training in accounting.  Accounting concepts and principles for interpreting and using financial information, as well as some exposure to basic managerial accounting concepts used in business decision making.  Yet another self-taught class.

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An extremely difficult course for me.  Not only is it a challenge to teach yourself unfamiliar material, but this felt a lot like learning the language of Hebrew in seminary years ago.  Everything was backwards and there was very little familiarity of concepts to help me along.

Earlier in my career I produced a cash flow projection for three years for a new day care business.  With a lot of research into costs, etc., I was successful in that endeavor and we broke even within the first month and began repaying our loans immediately.  After what I learned about accounting I know that if I had tried to run the books after we opened I would have run the business into the ground.  I am glad I got out of the way and let the accountants do their job.  While this course equipped me with more understanding of analytical tools for future stock purchases and better understanding of financial forms, I intent to follow the pattern that worked for me for 20+ years–do what I know how to do, entrust to others area where I am not as strong, and largely stay out of the way of the accountants!