MKTG 5031

Marketing Management

Professor Leroy Robinson, Jr., Ph.D.


MKTG 5031 is an introductory look at the marketing function from the managerial perspective. Major topics include the marketing environment, consumer behavior, the marketing mix, global marketing, technology, and marketing research. Marketers must have the ability to analyze situations, think critically about solutions to customers’ problems, and creatively provide the necessary customer value.

The goal is to develop an understanding of marketing theory, marketing definitions, and the marketing concept as they logically contribute to the success of an organization in a competitive business environment.

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16246081196_48b0243a4f_oBesides self-instruction, research and writing of three brief papers on topics that were relevant to the world today.


I appreciated the processes of marketing; the logically approach to a work that can often seems like an art more than a science.  The looks into behavioral understanding and demographics were helpful for me.  Most helpful, was the realization that everything and every one can be marketed more effectively.  I came out of this course with affirmation that I can add value to companies and to my own services.  I also gained skills in creating and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan that can be successful in the modern world.  While I have helped my wife’s small business get onto the first page of Google searches through effective SEO marketing, it was great to gain even more skills in this area important to both business and non-profits.